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Educating Geeks

Feb 26, 2015

This week on the Educating [Geeks] drinking game podcast geek hosts Andrea, Cassie and Krissy create rules for the first two seasons of the SyFy original series Eurkea. Find all of our content at

Feb 19, 2015

This week on Educating [Geeks] the geek hosts discussion seasons 1 and 2 of the SyFy series Eureka. Find all of our content at

Feb 12, 2015

The naked butt love continues this week on the Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game when Bri, Char, Megan and Sara continue their 12 Monkeys discussion. The ladies try to figure out how they made Brad Pitt's eye look so weird and wonder what kind of concoction they used to create Bruce Willis's drool. They lament the loss of...

Feb 6, 2015

This week on [Educating] Geeks hosts Bri, Megan and Sara welcome Char from to give her an education on the 1995 Terry film 12 Monkeys. Sara's not wild about the music and everyone gets stuck thinking about butts (again).

Feb 1, 2015

In this special bonus episode of the Educating [Geeks] and the E[G] Drinking Game podcasts the hosts discuss the web series Voyage Trekkers and create drinking game rules. Find more content at