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Denver Comic Con – Spotlight on Lindsay Wagner

“Denver’s a heavy city.”

So Lindsay Wagner reacted to a question late in her event. The star of the classic television series The Bionic Woman had led us to reflective rumination. Radiating a calm and compassionate demeanor, she drew much from her current career leading retreats and workshops on spirituality and living well. It wasn’t so much as blunt advice she communicated to us, but food for thought.

Denver Comic Con – Spotlight on David Petersen

I had noticed several Mouse Guard books in our public library (we have the most awesome graphic novel acquisitions librarian), but didn’t pick them up until Alice raved to me about them. I found them much more serious than the cute mice artwork superficially implied. So I was happy to hear the creator, David Petersen, in one of the more intimate panel rooms.

Petersen opened by reading “Baldwin the Brave” from Baldwin the Brave and Other Tales, a collection which contains several Free Comic Book Day stories, among others. It was fascinating to hear the voices he provided for the characters, adult and child, male and female. Due to technical difficulties, he couldn’t project the images, so he held up the book for us.

Denver Comic Con – Oases in The Exhibitor Hall

The Colorado Convention Center is extremely spacious, and DCC organizers kept good distances between main events, panels, and the exhibitor space. Of course the hallways got a bit crowded between schedule blocks, but that’s only to be expected. Queues for main events simply used portions of those large venues. Gaming took place in an ample open area. There was even an informal promenade where you could snap cosplay photos without really interfering with all the other fans walking around. It never really felt like there were 100,000 attendees.

Except in the exhibitor hall.

It felt like the exhibitors were so many and crammed that you couldn’t keep track of which ones you wanted to revisit. You’d be lucky to browse without passersby brushing up against you constantly. Clogs, jostling, even outright stoppages occurred in the crossways and aisles, never mind (1) photogs who wanted to capture cosplayers, and (2) couples holding hands. So. Annoying. And after all, everything was there: merchants, the celebrity summit, organizations with vehicles and building set-ups, a Game of Thrones sword throne replica, and even a food court.

It was massively overwhelming. Fortunately, I found two oases.

Educating [Geeks] is headed to Denver Comic Con 2015

Denver-comic-con- slider

Hi, all. I’m Phil Chang, and I’ll be attending Denver Comic Con as an Educating [Geeks] correspondent. I guest hosted on last year’s H.P. Lovecraft podcast recorded live at Phoenix Comicon.

Held downtown in the Denver Convention Center, DCC has now evolved into its fourth incarnation. I managed a one-day Saturday attendance in 2013 and found the building surprisingly spacious. Queue managers easily snaked attendees in loose curves in vast empty hallways to accommodate everyone for popular panels. I saw George Takei and Wil Wheaton that year.