Educating [Geeks] S02 E06 – X-Files Season 1



This week on Educating [Geeks] the hosts give Andrea an educating on The X-Files Season 1. Alice explains that she hadn’t seen enough of season 1 to be an expert so she receives an education too. The ladies pick their favorite characters and discuss their favorite episodes. Megan finally admits that she likes bug episodes after all and Cassie shares her love of Fox Mulder. The hosts come up with a truly epic list of drinking game rules, so make sure to stick around at the end.

X-Files season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix and Hulu+

Up next on E[G]:

Tune in on May 2 when geekhosts Alice, Bri and Megan give Cassie an education on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.


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All The [Trek] E5 – OST: “The Man Trap” & “Miri”

Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 1 is available for purchase on Amazon.

Episode 1: The Man Trap

I know. I KNOW. I messed up the order of episodes! In this week’s review I set the record straight and get us back on track. Lo siento!

Bri’s Overall Rating (2/5)


Aliens (5/5)


Star Trek pulls out all the stops on their first official episode with this gem of an alien. Saltmonster is a classic – so gross, so weird looking, so amazing.

Alien Creature

Costumes (3/5)

EG_TrekIcon_Costumes EG_TrekIcon_Costumes EG_TrekIcon_Costumes

Love the illusion outfit the creature wears with it’s clever hoodie design and that crazy outfit the crewman in the hall is wearing.

Fight choreography (2/5)

EG_TrekIcon_Fight EG_TrekIcon_Fight


Bechtel Test (1/3)

There are multiple ladies in this episode, but they never get to speak to each other.


Episode 8: Miri

Released October 27, 1966


Bri’s Overall Rating (3/5)


Aliens (1/5)


Costumes (2/5)

EG_TrekIcon_Costumes EG_TrekIcon_Costumes

The “lost boys” outfits are NOT that fabu.

Fight choreography (3/5)

EG_TrekIcon_Fight EG_TrekIcon_Fight EG_TrekIcon_Fight

For the kids, you know, when they gang up on Kirk

Bechtel Test (2/3)


Rand and Miri get to chat, but only about Kirk

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