Geek [Supplies] – Hellboy I & II

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Welcome to Geek [Supplies] where friends help friends get fired up and fight some demons!

All The [Trek] E29 – TOS “Bread and Circuses” & “Assignment: Earth”

This week on All The [Trek] Bri reviews “Bread and Circuses” and “Assignment: Earth” from Star Trek: The Original Series.

Educating [Geeks] S2 E17 – Hellboy & Helloby II: The Golden Army


For the podcast this week Alice, Sara and Guest Host Krissy educate Andrea on Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army. The group discusses missing hands, creatures with tentacles and pregnancy tests in movies. Alice swoons over men with knives, Sara declares mixed-raced baby are the most beautiful, Krissy defends Liz Sherman and Andrea grows tired of the Nazis.

Meet Guest Host Krissy


Krissy is Director of National Comedy Theatre, an Improviser, a teacher of Improv and a Mom. Krissy hosts & performs weekly in Competitive Comedy Shows, coaches & administrates the High School Improv League, she teaches the Main Stage performers as well as the Level 1, 2 & 3 Workshop Classes. She hosts, produces and performs in Spoof N Cinema, weird old movies given new, hilarious sound tracks live. …And she hosts, curates and produces the First Time Film Club. NCT and Krissy recently partnered with Educating [Geeks] to produce the First Time [Film] Club podcast. Krissy is Mom to Zoe Violet & Rocket- two of the awesomest kids that planet Earth has ever seen…

It Would Make a Good Movie – [Alice & Ann] Geek Out


My sister Ann and I share a lifelong love of books. We are both bibliophiles in the truest sense. We must possess books. We must feel their weight in our hands. We must smell the pages. We would be happy to drown in a sea of books. The two of us share a Pinterest board where we pin books that we think would make good movies.