Denver Comic Con – Spotlight on Sean Astin

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If you can believe it, I have seen exactly none of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies. So after moderator Ron Bostwick (associated with the Boulder International Film Festival) announced Sean Astin to the stage, I could only think, “Hey, that’s the son of Patty Duke and Gomez!”

I know, that dates me terribly.

Astin recounted the moment when he learned he got the role of Samwise Gamgee: “The phone turned red hot, I dropped to my knees, and thanked God.” But, aware of the director’s early films (e.g., Bad Taste, Dead Alive), he was a bit unsure about Peter Jackson: “This guy. Tolkien. How’s it going to look?” Well, it’s clear he didn’t need to fear anything about the outcome. He went on to say that there was no way to prepare for Lord of the Rings, neither in its breadth of production nor the worldwide acclaim that ensued.

All The [Trek] 49 – “Datalore”

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It’s Trek Tuesday, and this week Wesley Crusher is slightly less annoying than usual. It’s true! Don’t believe me? Read on to find out more…

Denver Comic Con – Spotlight on Howard Chaykin

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I arrived at Howard Chaykin’s solo panel a bit late. Glancing about, I estimated slightly more than a dozen people attending. It surprised me that Chaykin spoke from the floor, using a media cart as a makeshift podium for his cup of water. Emboldened from doing so at other panels, I slipped into the second row of seats.

Right in firing range. No, he didn’t excoriate me. But…

Post-Phoenix Comicon Geek [Supplies] Part Two

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In part one of our post-Phoenix Comicon Geek [Supplies], Megan, Cassie and Phil shared items that made their way into their treasure chests. In part two, more team members share their favorite finds from the floor of the exhibitor hall, and many of them are pieces of pictorial artwork. One of the great things that can happen at a convention is having an artist create a custom art piece for you. They will typical have it ready for you by the end of the convention and prices are very reasonable (in my opinion). You should definitely try it next year. First up is Andrea. 

Post-Phoenix Comicon Geek [Supplies] Part One

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Phoenix Comicon offers a myriad of things to do from celebrity panels to maid service to cosplayers to, of course, the exhibitor hall. The exhibitor hall offers all sorts of pleasures all on its own. Endless shopping, author autographs, displays, free poster, the list goes on. The exhibitor hall at Phoenix Comicon has grown every year and this year was the biggest year yet. The only downside? I never feel like I get the chance to see everything. And I want to see everything. My hunter gatherer instincts are in full swing by the time I hit the exhibitor floor on the first day and even if I get there every day of con I still never feel like like I have explored every corner of every aisle.

In the age of the internet and websites like Esty it is not as difficulty to find items of a geeky nature but to be able to feel the hand of the fabric, check the quality of a book binding before you by it or and the ability to talk to a creator directly make shopping in the exhibitor a special experience. I asked the team what treasures they found this year in the exhibitor hall. First up is Megan.