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Today we flaunt… The X-Files: Season 1.


Dana Scully - Mulder, you're crazy - X-Files Print Art Print

Available on Society6 Artist: Sleepy Mountain

Available on Society6 Artist: Sleepy Mountain

No home is complete without a little Mulder/Scully tension. Mulder and Scully are available at Society6.
These beautiful works are a gift from Sleepy Mountain.

Pop-Art Scully X-Files Art Print

Available on Society6 Artist: Kaeden James

For fans of both Andy Warhol and Scully, this popart version of Scully is perfect for your powder room, living room, kitchen, bedroom, office… Pretty much anywhere! Scully popart is available at Society6. This modern print is courtesy of the skills of Kaeden James.



X-Files colors Unisex Tank Top

Available on Society6 Artist: Justin Cybulski

Summer is right around the corner and this tank pretty much sums it up. A true X-Files fan will get the subtle hints on this classy tank.
Available in several colors at Society6. Artwork provided by Justin Cybulski.


Alien Socks

Your toesies will always be warm and spooky in these Alien socks. Maybe someone will shoot a compliment your way by comparing you to “the FBI’s most unwanted” Agent Mulder. Available on Amazon.


X-Files Custom Made High Heels. Hand Made Shoes

X-Files Custom Made High Heels on Etsy Artist: MadHatterDesigns87

Next time you paint the town red or shake your grove thing, be sure to be sporting these rad kicks from MadHatterDesigns87 on Etsy. She makes amazing custom heels for all kinds of topics but these will ensure you can gaze deep into Mulder’s eyes all day or kick ass like Scully.



Available on Amazon

Loveable geeks who are convinced that everything is a conspiracy theory – and they are right! (sometimes). Check out their crazy theories and antics in their very own (short lived) series, The Lone Gunmen available on Amazon.


Available on Amazon

Who hasn’t watched an episode of The X-Files and said “Hmmm… I don’t know if that could be real”. While viewing for the podcast, the occasional rationalization as to the possibilities of some of the happenings MAY have occured. Read for yourself in The Real Science Behind The X-Files by Anne Simon PhD available on Amazon. Plus to this one, the forward is written by Chris Carter himself!

Don’t forgot the X-files E[G]DG rules come out this Friday and if you haven’t listen to the podcast, you can find it here.

All The [Trek] – Technical Difficulties


Hello everyone! Unfortunately we’re down a computer this week (it’s off to the Apple Depot for love and repairs) so we’re not going to be able to post a new All The [Trek] video this week. We’ll bring you double the awesome next week to make up for it though!

While you’re patiently waiting, I thought I’d share some tried and true Star Trek drinking game rules my husband and I came up with a few years ago while watching The Next Generation. Many of these are perfectly useful for any Star Trek series.

Star Trek Drinking Game (Calcote House Rules)

  • Ship sip -  Take a drink whenever any ship is featured on screen in an exterior shot
  • Commercial break - Take a drink whenever it’s obvious the show cut to a commercial during its original airing
  • Yellow Alert  – Take 1 drink if there’s a yellow alert
  • Red Alert – Take 2 drinks  if there’s a red alert
  • Intruder Alert - Take 3 drinks if there’s an intruder alert
  • Countdown! – Take a drink whenever a countdown starts
  • What the hell is going on? - Take a drink whenever a character curses
  • Gotta keep up – Take a drink if a character on screen drinks
  • Fire Phasers - take a drink whenever a ship fires their weapons
  • My name is… - Take a drink if a character refers to someone by their full name
  • Engaged - Finish your drink at the end of the episode
  • Danger Zone - Finish your drink if someone dies (WARNING: This rule can get out of hand. We recommend only doing this once per episode. Make sure to drink responsibly! )

Next Gen Specific Rules

  • Riker Sits – Take a shot if Riker sits down or gets up from his chair by throwing his leg over the back
  • Picard Maneuver – Take a drink whenever someone pulls a Picard Maneuver
  • Data Knows Nothing – Take a drink whenever Data doesn’t understand some kind of human behavior
  • Geordi Sees - Take a shot if we see from Geordi’s perspective through his visor
  • I’m Sensing… – Take a drink whenever Troi uses her Betazed abilities
  • Positronic brain - Take a drink if Data’s innards are showing
  • Working for the Weekend – Take a drink if a character appears out of uniform. Take 2 drinks if it’s a Chesty Picard.

Do you have any great drinking game rules for The Original Series? Or any other Star Trek series? Share them in the comments or on social media with the #EGDG

And why don’t you take a few minutes and catch up on our previous episodes of All The [Trek]?