E[G] Drinking Game S3 E06 – Supernatural

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If there’s one thing Sam and Dean Winchester do well, it’s monster hunting. If there’s a secondary thing they do almost just as best, it’s drinking. We’re here to get you on the Winchester Level with our Supernatural Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game rules.

Geek [Supplies] – Supernatural

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Welcome to Geek [Supplies] — where friends help friends find the best tools for exorcisms, monster-slaying, and Impala driving. This week we’re covering Supernatural.

All The [Trek] 39 – “The Naked Now”


This week on All The Trek, everyone gives each other fever. Literally and figuratively. Brace yourself, The Next Generation is setting the scene for seven years of baggage…

Educating [Geeks] S3 E06 – Supernatural Season 1

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This week on the Educating [Geeks] podcast hosts Bri, Andrea, Sara, and Krissy talk about Season 1 of Supernatural. Monsters of the week, The Hardy Boys meets X Files, the spirit of the Bechdel Test, and more are discussed on this week’s episode.

First Time [Film] Club E03 – UHF


A couple of Thursdays back geek hosts Megan and NCT Phoenix Players Krissy & Paul introduced first timer Alice to Weird Al Yankovic’s film UHF.

We recorded this podcast live at NCT Phoenix. Megan focuses on all the clever little details, Krissy gets her soap operas mixed up, Alice presents some logic that makes sense only to her, and Paul gets very angry at Siskel and Ebert’s reaction to the film.