Up All Night – Andrea Geeks [Out]

In my youth[¹], I could stay up all night long with no regard or consequence for the following days. What a dream those days seem. But about the time I turned 23 and began holding a “career” job, that no longer was feasible. I’m sure that the days[²] before this lead to exhaustion and a total lack of productivity, but I neither noticed nor cared until this point. Working as a teller at a bank requires a certain amount of attention to detail and professionalism to advance. A hungover or exhausted and sloppy worker[³] doesn’t excel easily in those conditions. In my mind, failure and mediocrity were not options. This began the weeknights slotted with a full eight hours of sleep[⁴].

I began thinking – what if I could re-live those days. What would I choose? Well, I would totally stay up all night. And… game[5].I would tabletop game with my husband, friends, and fellow geek hosts all night long. Here are five games that make me totally Geek [Out]:

1. Elder Sign

Elder Sign is a Lovecraftian co-op game where you and your fellow investigators are playing against the clock. Otherwise, you are forced to face one of the Elder evils lurking in another portal. I love this game because you play with your friends and not against them.

 2. Pandemic


photo 1 In this co-op game (are you seeing a theme here?) you and your teammates are trying to save the world from 4 pathogen outbreaks; red, blue, yellow, and black. By choice (and hilarity), we always gave our own names the diseases such as red as zombie virus,  yellow as vampirism, black as werewolfism and and blue as hysterical pregnancy. If you do not cure and eradicate the outbreaks within a certain number of rounds, you lose. And honestly, you almost always lose Pandemic[6]. But you lose together. (Now is the time to gag from the cutesy factor).

3. Star Fluxx

It’s hard to win a game whose rules are fluid and controlled by your opponents. Which is exactly what makes Star Fluxx (and the other versions of Fluxx) so unique. This card game is played by creating rules which you and your opponents must meet to win. The game play is always different and can last 10-15 minutes or upwards of an hour.

4. Cards Against Humanity

Best summed up – this is an adult (and I mean, X-Rated) version of Apples to Apples. Seasoned player tip – the more you drink and the later it gets, the better this game is. There have been several nights where we played through the entire deck. In the Coffman household we play by our own format by including what we call, “The Deck”. Once all players have played their hand for the round, an anonymous hand is pulled from the deck. 25% of the time, the deck has the best answer.

5. Iconica



Iconica is very near and dear to my heart for several reasons:
1. The artwork on the cards is just phenomenal. The cards have beautiful colors and unique designs.
2. It was created by a local game maker, Eric Torres. And I love supporting local business and people living their dreams.
3. Lastly, it was my first podcast with the lovely ladies of Educating [Geeks]. This game will forever bring me wonderful memories of Alice and I wreaking havoc with our methodical strategy while Cassie shot us looks that could kill.


What are some of the games that keep you up all night? What games should I add to my collection for the rare evening of beers, games, and friends?



¹: I know, I know, I’m not even 30 yet but just go with me here.
²: Not actually days, more realistically it’s years.
³: One of the first managers I had in my career, who is now a friend of mine, had no pity or tolerance for hungover employees. Back then, it was horrifying – anticipating her lack of empathy and any possible question of my state. Now, it’s hilarious to think how nervous I was, considering I never, ever went into work hungover. Cheers, former boss lady!
: I’d like to note, sadly, I do not get eight hours of sleep. It’s more like 5-6 (on a good night). But steer clear if I get much less. I turn into a cranky, evil bitch on less than 4.
: And drink.
6: I hate losing. Anything. Everything. I. Hate. Losing. But this game is still so much fun. Even though I hate losing.

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Geek [Supplies] – American Horror Story: Coven

We cannot stress enough how amazing our audience at Phoenix Comicon’s American Horror Story: Coven panel was. Be sure to give the podcast a listen and watch out for the back stabbing bitches of AHS: Coven. We hope that these Geek [Supplies] will prepare you for the journey to discover the new Supreme and to profess your passion for American Horror Story.

A Witches’ Bible


What better way to hang on to the rules and keep your guidance safely at hand. Keep a copy of  A Witches’ Bible: The Complete Witches’ Handbook nearby – may we suggest on your nightstand or in your purse?

Duke Ellington: New Orleans Lowdown

Best play that jazz music on Tuesday night, ‘else the Axe Man may pay you a visit. This classic piece by Duke Ellington, New Orleans Low-down, played during The Axeman Cometh, and resonates strong of the NOLA culture.

The Voodoo Doll Spellbook

Marie Laveau showed us that witches do more than poison apples and stab bitches in the back. This book of spells and rituals, The Voodoo Doll Spellbook, seems like a good place for Queenie to begin her studies into her power.

This Is My Next Supreme

Who is the next Supreme? I don’t know if I care while this delicious shirt is in the running. Cordelia makes a great Supreme of the Coven, but Pizza Hut makes a great Supreme pizza.

On Wednesdays We Wear Black

Fiona never wore anything but designer, but I feel that she would approve of this beautiful, artistic rendition of the witches in town. Next time you are told to “wear something black” by your Supreme, nail it with this number and a flowing skirt and a black hat.

Dramatic Black Hat

New Vintage Women Lady Wide Brim Wool felt Bowler Fedora Hats Floppy Cloche Cap Black+free gift Crazycity http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EOH0D48/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_mYuZtb01NWADMJEP

 Oh, you don’t have a black hat you say? Look no further than this fabulous, large brimmed hat. All that’s missing is your oversized sunglasses.

DG Oversized Sunglasses

women's ladie's DG Eyewear sunglasses Purple Black case DG Eyewear http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E924NGC/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_kZuZtb0HXDRBT6DX

You have no excuses. No excuses to look fabulous and witchy at all times.

Strawberry Hedgehog Facial Oil


Delphine LaLaurie believed that the blood of her slaves would help her maintain her youth.


We think that our friends at Strawberry Hedgehog can do you one better with their luxurious and handmade facial oils.

Stevie Nicks Style Bohemian Shawl

One of our audience members said that every time you “Remember that Misty is still in Hell”, you have to drink during the drinking game rules portion of the recording (DRINK!). This beautiful shawl that is reminiscent of the White Witch’s gift to Misty will help to soothe your heartache over the loss of our kind witch.

Be sure to join us this Friday for the American Horror Story: Coven Drinking Game Rules - send us your favorites for a chance to be featured in the upcoming E[G]DG post!

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Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 2 is available for purchase on Amazon.

Episode 30: Amok Time

Released September 15, 1967


Bri’s Overall Rating (3/5)

Overall - 3 out of 5


Aliens (2/5)

Aliens - 2 out of 5


Costumes (5/5)

Costumes - 5 out of 5

For Vulcan finery alone! I wish more people would cosplay these costumes. And I will point out again – they sure love silver on this show.



Fight Choreography (5/5)

Fight - 5 out of 5

OF COURSE!! It has to be 5 out of 5! This is one of the quintessential Star Trek fights of all time.



Bechdel Test (2/3)

Bechdel - 2 out of 3

I think that T’Pau and T’Pring chat, but it’s all about Spock.

Bonus sexism: Men fighting over a women as prize…


Episode 31: Who Mourns For Adonais?

Released September 22, 1967


Bri’s Overall Rating (2/5)

Overall - 2 out of 5


Aliens (2/5)

Aliens - 2 out of 5

Apollo is certainly handsome, but he’s still humanoid. I’ll give him an extra point because he can embiggen himself.

Big Apollo


Costumes (3/5)

Costumes - 3 out of 5

For grecian lamé drapery.



Fight Choreography (0/5)

Fight - 0 out of 5

No mano-mano in this one.


Bechdel Test (1/3)

Bechdel - 1 out of 3

Uhura and Caroline are both in this episode. Sadly, they’re never in the same place.

Bonus Sexism: She’s smart for a woman…and then is told she’s beautiful.

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