WHOA E18: Clouds and Hardball


This week on WHOA: A Most EXCELLENT Keanu Reeves podcast we watched ” A Walk in the Clouds” from 1995. And “Hardball” from 2001. In this episode you will learn about magical Abuelos, Big Poppas, chocolate salesmanship, gambling, the benefits of having a mariachi band on stand by and what it means when you’re going to “the Ship.”

Spoiler Alert

We are discussing the movies in their entirety. So if you want to know whether Paul and Victoria make their convoluted fake marriage really work, or if Connor manages to coach his team of misfits into “the Ship” before we spoil it for you here, you should probably watch the movies first…

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Episode 18 Features

I will say this, if there were ever two movies that did not have anything at all in common except for Keanu Reeves…. it is these two movies.

“A Walk in the Coulds” from 1995. Keanu is Paul Sutton (I know, an unlikely Keanu character name, am I right?) a soldier recently returned from war to find the wife he left behind… not exactly waiting with open arms. But that’s ok! Because Paul decides to pose as the husband of a woman he just met on the bus and, if everything goes the way we think it will, he might just find true love.

Watch “A Walk in the Clouds” on Amazon HERE. Do I recommend it? I do. I recommend it for people who like Romance/Drama. This is NOT a Rom Com… conspicuously lacking in Com.

In Episode 18 we also cover…

“Hardball” from 2001. Keanu is Connor O’Neill (I know, an unlikely Keanu character name, am I right?) a ticket scalper who finds out that the bookies he owes money to… basically waiting for him with open arms. And bats. But that’s ok! Because Connor decides to pose as the coach of an inner city little league team and, if everything goes the way we think it will, he might just find redemption.

Watch “Hardball” on Amazon HERE. Do I recommend it? I do not. I specifically do not recommend it for people who like Sports Drama. It is conspicuously lacking in Sports.

Meet The Guest

Nate McWhortor is a Phoenix native who has played make pretend with all his best friends at NCT since 2010. Nate is the NCT resident expert on southern living and boasts the improv comedy theater’s foremost drawl. When he’s not bringing his southern charm to the NCT stage Nate can be found dining at the finest eateries, dancing to music at the liveliest honky-tonks or doing sports things.

Whats Up Next?

Comin’ at ya on February 22nd we have WHOA Episode 14: Cowgirls and Thumbsucker. That’s right…. its the lost Episode 14! Finally comin’ at ya with so much THUMB.
In “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” from 1993 Keanu is a barely there Indian?? Prince??? It was kinda hard to tell. In “Thumbsucker” from 2005 Keanu is definitely an orthodontist with some pretty weird and unprofessional habits.


Your bonus Keanu for the day! HERE is Keanu on the Nerdist Podcast. My particular favorite is when he talks about all the little movies no one saw… many of which we have talked about here.


Here we have for you an interview for John Wick 2, in which our hero discusses his nameless new hound.

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