WHOA E06: Parenthood and Um

This week on WHOA: A Most EXCELLENT Keanu Reeves podcast, writer and improviser Heath Wilcock joins Krissy to discuss “Parenthood” from 1989 and “Generation Um” from 2012. A hilarious and heartwarming look at the complications and responsibilities of family…. along with a confusing and clunky look at the complications of no responsibility. Or plot.    ….but they DO have cupcakes.

Spoiler Alert

We are discussing the movies in their entirety. There aren’t really any big plot twists or reveals in these movies, so there is not much to spoil. Still, if you have not seen Parenthood yet, you should absolutely check it out before we spoil it for you. If you have not seen Generation Um yet…. I might not worry about it. Either way- you are alerted to spoilers.

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Episode 05 Features

Parenthood.” A 1989 comedy drama classic starring Steve Martin, Mary Steenburgen, Diane Wiest, Rick Moranis, and Keanu Reeves as “that” Tod. Tod is an somewhat unwelcome but surprisingly wise addition to the complicated Buchman family. Parenthood is available to rent on Amazon right over HERE.

In Episode 05 we also cover

Generation Um.” A 2012 mumblecore “drama” starring Bojana Novakovic, Adelaide Clemens and Keanu Reeves as John. John stumbles through a day in the life of a guy without much of a life. He steals a camera from a flash mob and then proceeds to film the boring and sad lives of the women he works for. I think that is what happens, anyway. Trust me, it’s hard to say. Or, don’t trust me and buy Generation Um on Amazon right over HERE.

Meet The Guest

Heath WIlcock

Heath is an Arizona native.  He has been married for eight years to his wife Emily, and together, they have a daughter named Juniper.  Heath is a recent graduate from the MFA program at ASU where he earned his master’s degree in creative writing fiction.  He performs every weekend at National Comedy Theatre in Arizona and is the leader of the Longform Team at NCT. Catch him on Friday or Saturday night at the all ages Competitive Comedy show or catch him on the third Thursday of each month at the raucous and unpredictable Improv Uncensored show.

What’s Up Next

Episode 7 is comin at ya on August 24th featuring “I Love You to Death” from 1990 and “Henry’s Crime” from 2010. In “I Love You to Death” Rosalie, played by Tracy Ulman, is trying to murder her cheating husband Joey, played with enthusiastic accent work by Kevin Kline. When poison and car bombs don’t do the trick Rosalie turns to two stoner hit men played by Willam Hurt and Keanu Reeves. In “Henry’s Crime” Henry, played by Keanu Reeves, serves time for a bank robbery that he didn’t commit. Once Henry is out of jail, he decides to go ahead and rob the bank he didn’t actually rob the first time around with the help of a former con man, played by James Caan, and an acress, played by Vera Farmiga. Oh yeah, and, they do a whole Chekhov play too.


Your bonus Keanu for the day! Watch Keanu on Good Morning America in 1991. You are welcome. Point Break is coming up in Episode 09! Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey is coming up in Episode 10!

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