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Geek [Supplies] – American Horror Story: Freak Show

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Andrea’s Best of Season 2 – E10 American Horror Story: Coven

I’m not a fan of horror. As I stated in this recording, I don’t care for gore for the sake of gore. That being said, I was not a fan of American Horror Story. (SHOCKING! I know.) Even though I didn’t like the show, the recording at Phoenix Comicon 2014 was my favorite episode of Season 2. This just goes to show that having a dissenting opinion can make a really interesting conversation.

All About [TV] – Our Thoughts on the 2014 Emmy Winners

The 2014 Emmy winners were just announced, and we have some thoughts about the list:

Best Comedy Series

Winner: Modern Family • ABC

Megan: I’d predicted that OITNB would take this one, and I’m sure that fans of the show are feeling snubbed right now. All things considered though, I’m not at all surprised by Modern Family taking the category. They’ve long been a favorite at the Emmys.

Cassie: As much as I love juggernaut Modern Family, I’m all for spreading the Emmy love, so hopefully another comedy can break in there next year. OITNB has always struck me as a dramedy, dabbling in as much dark territory as it does light. But alas, the Academy – and the industry – aren’t yet ready to accept that bastardized genre mash-up.

Best Actress in a Comedy Series