Post-Phoenix Comicon Geek [Supplies] Part Two

In part one of our post-Phoenix Comicon Geek [Supplies], Megan, Cassie and Phil shared items that made their way into their treasure chests. In part two, more team members share their favorite finds from the floor of the exhibitor hall, and many of them are pieces of pictorial artwork. One of the great things that can happen at a convention is having an artist create a custom art piece for you. They will typical have it ready for you by the end of the convention and prices are very reasonable (in my opinion). You should definitely try it next year. First up is Andrea. 


Prints by Karen Hallion

Prints by Karen Hallion

I love Karen Hallion. She’s an amazing artist and I love her crossover work, and she’s got such a diverse style. I got to meet her and chat a little with her. I’m excited to have a these 8×10 prints to hang in my office (once I have an office)!


By Silhouettesbyjordan

By Silhouettes by Jordan

I’ve been a huge fan of silhouette art since I was a little girl. These prints from Silhouettes by Jordan fit in with my kinda-cute-kinda-macabre decorating style. I was getting ready to purchase Alien, but I couldn’t get her without including her friend Predator too. Now I just need to find two matching frames!

By Eric Torres

By Eric Torres

Eric Torres has been a friend of Educating [Geeks] for years. Last year, he gave me a set of Iconica playing cards (which I use ALL THE TIME), so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get an original piece of art from him.




Ray learned that artists in artist alley will create custom sketches and/or artwork for people (and for kids sometimes free of charge). He decided to ask various artists to create images of Juggernaut for him. Here is a sampling from left to right from: Russ Kazmierczak, Kevin Coulston, Jeff Pina and Travis Hanson.



By Flying Marlena’s Curious Goods

I have purchased a hand-bound book every year I have attended Phoenix Comicon. This year I splurged on a large leather-bond book by Flying Marlena’s Curious Goods. The ability to chat with the artist, feel the texture of the leather and smell the pages makes buying books in person the best. I have no idea what I’m going to put in it. Any suggestions for me?