Post-Phoenix Comicon Geek [Supplies] Part One

Phoenix Comicon offers a myriad of things to do from celebrity panels to maid service to cosplayers to, of course, the exhibitor hall. The exhibitor hall offers all sorts of pleasures all on its own. Endless shopping, author autographs, displays, free poster, the list goes on. The exhibitor hall at Phoenix Comicon has grown every year and this year was the biggest year yet. The only downside? I never feel like I get the chance to see everything. And I want to see everything. My hunter gatherer instincts are in full swing by the time I hit the exhibitor floor on the first day and even if I get there every day of con I still never feel like like I have explored every corner of every aisle.

In the age of the internet and websites like Esty it is not as difficulty to find items of a geeky nature but to be able to feel the hand of the fabric, check the quality of a book binding before you by it or and the ability to talk to a creator directly make shopping in the exhibitor a special experience. I asked the team what treasures they found this year in the exhibitor hall. First up is Megan. 



Photo by Cassandra Nicholson

Fez-O-Rama fezes are iconic. When you see someone walking around a convention hall with one, you know where it came from. I’ve been eyeballing one for years and when they came out with chapeaus, I honestly just started salivating. I’m so happy I finally picked one up, and in true Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game fashion, I picked the Flying Martini (though the Calavera was quite tempting).  I dub this fez my official EGDG hat from this day forward.

Photo by Lindsey Greenlee

Photo by Lindsey Greenlee

I picked this up from the World of Rynaga table run by our good friend Eric Tores. These adorable fellas and ladies were handing out in a pile in the back corner of his booth, and I think they’re one of the hidden gems of the World of Rynaga. The super soft and cuddly pillows have a pocket sewn into the back to hold your cell phone or a TV remote. So I can kiss losing my phone on the couch goodbye! But functionality aside, the Pentapod is a perfect illustration of what I love so much about everything Eric does with Iconica and The World of Rynaga. There is so much love and attention to detail poured into everything he creates. Even simple little sea creatures have fully formed histories and personalities.
When you grab yourself a Pentapod, each comes with a delightful card that tells you more about the little creature you’ve just picked up. I won’t give everything away, because you should really get one for yourself the next time you see Eric at a convention (they’re not available online), but here are some of my favorite Pentapod facts:

  • Pentapods like having five eyes. Which is probably good because they’re born that way
  • Pentapods eat gimylberries, sea umes, and jellybulbs. Feed them lost of these things
  • Maria Ranus helped bring the pentapods from the pages of the World of Rynaga book Sea Child to life. She hand crafted each Pentapod and you can really tell she put a lot of love and skill into creating them
  • I loved my little Pentapod so much, I got one for my sister as well 🙂


These are super cute, compact and inexpensive  (if you get them from the right vendors). I’ve never been an action figures gal, but these Bobblehead 2.0 toys might have converted me.

Funko 5346 POP TV: Arrow – The ‘Hood’ Action Figure

The Hood” isn’t the Arrow version I purchased in honor of my Squeefest frontrunner Stephen Amell, but it’s just as fun. Next up? Mulder and Scully.


Photo by Phil Chang

Photo by Phil Chang

Cthulhu‘s baleful gaze follows you everywhere (but he could glow a bit stronger).

Photo by Phil Chang

Photo by Phil Chang

Some of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab‘s provocative scents.

In part two of our post-Phoenix Comicon Geek [Supplies] Andrea, Bri and Alice’s son Ray share their finds. We’d love to hear what treasures you picked up at con this year, so leave a note in the comments!