Upcoming Podcasts Through December

Who loves new podcasts? Everyone loves new podcasts. We do, we do, we do-ooooo! Here is what we are looking forward to sharing with you all!

The Terminator

We’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Terminator, released October 26, 1984. Alice, Bri, Cassie and Megan will be discussing this James Cameron classic.


Podcast – October 10, 2014

Geek [Supplies] – October 15, 2014

E[G] Drinking Game Rules – October 17, 2014

The Terminator is available for purchase or rental from Amazon.


Hellboy  I & II

How did Andrea miss seeing the Hellboy movie? She was busy being immersed in other geekdoms. Alice, Krissy and Sara will share their love of the Guillermo del Toro films with her in a  discussion of the two movies (2004 & 2008).


Podcast – October 24, 2014

Geek [Supplies] – October 29, 2014

E[G] Drinking Game Rules – October 31, 2014

Hellboy & Hellboy II: The Golden Army are available for purchase or rental from Amazon.



Alice is very excited to see what her fellow geek hosts Bri, Andrea and Sara think of one of her guilty pleasure movies – the 1968 campy romp through space Barbarella.


Podcast – November 7, 2014

Geek [Supplies] – November 12, 2014

E[G] Drinking Game Rules – November 14, 2014

Barbarella is available for purchase from Amazon.


The Guild

Geek hosts Alice, Andrea, Cassie and Sara will record their discussion of the groundbreaking web series live at the Comic Media Expo. Panel time and location TBD.


Live Podcast Recording – October 18, 2014 Mesa Convention Center, Pomeroy Room 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Podcast – November 21, 2014

Geek [Supplies] – November 26, 2014

E[G] Drinking Game Rules – November 28, 2014

The Guild is available for purchase from Amazon.



Geek host Megan will be sharing her love of the thatgamecompany’s Journey with Andrea, Sara, and Jonathan from Lighting Octopus.


Podcast – December 5, 2014

Geek [Supplies] – December 10, 2014

E[G] Drinking Game Rules – December 12, 2014

The video game Journey is available  for purchase from Amazon or on the Playstation Network.

The Hobbit (novel)

Geek hosts Megan and Cassie will read the J.R.R Tolkien’s seminal novel The Hobbit for the first time.  Alice and Andrea, who have read The Hobbit several times, will join in on the fun to discuss the 1937 masterpiece.



Podcast – December 12, 2014

Geek [Supplies] – December 24, 2014

E[G] Drinking Game Rules – December 26, 2014

The Hobbit, in a variety of formats,  is available  for purchase from Amazon.