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If you’re a Journey fan, then chances are you’re totally captivated by the beautiful subtractive design of the game. Society 6 has a whole collection of fantastic Journey prints to liven up your geek cave.


Remember the tales from your white-cloak elders with this beautiful print.



Revel in the awesomeness of your magic scarf by hanging it on your wall.



Cook and Becker features some fantastic prints of official Journey art from thatgamecompany. I’m particularly fond of this giant world myth poster.



Of course, no Journey art collection would be complete without the official “Art of Journey” book by the art director himself, Matthew Nava.


For The Home

journey-throw-pillow-wanderers journey-throw-pillow-mountain

Etsy shop owner KayeSedgwick created these two beautiful Journey throw pillows to make your living room look elegant, mysterious and wonderful. I can’t decide which I like better, so I’ll take both.



Your referigerator is singing out for these adorable Journey magnets from Etsy shop owner resubee.




I just love these adorable earrings from Etsy shop owner dreamchaserart.



One of the most fun things about being a Journey fan is seeing all the appropriately elegant names fellow fans and artists come up with for their pieces. This beautiful necklace from Etsy shop owner AmmnraCreations is called “Gliding on the Wind”. I say it’s the perfect title for a perfectly elegant piece of Journey jewelry.



This Journey t-shirt combines both versions of Journey in the best way possible.



Some people love scarves. Some people love Journey. Good thing there are plenty of options on the internet to feed your overly developed need to collect Journey scarves.


If you’re like me, you earned your White Cloak as quickly as you possibly could. Etsy shop owner PixelKnitDesigns created this beautiful white cloak replica scarf that I really must have.



Etsy shopowner InfiKnitStitch has this absolutely incredible Wanderer cloak replica scarf. And let me just point out how perfect this scarf is: the pattern is spot on – from the darker russet triangles in the background to the masterfully replicated final cloak pattern, InfiKnitStitch just nailed it. Do yourself a favor and snatch this one up.


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