E[G] Drinking Game S2 E07 – Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back


Last week on Educating [Geeks] Alice, Megan, and Bri discussed The Empire Strikes Back with educatee Cassie. Several drinking game rules were covered last season for A New Hope, so the hosts came up with a few Empire-Specific rules:

  • Take a shot every time there is a choke death
  • Take a shot whenever the falcon’s hyerdrive fails
  • Take a drink every time you rolls your eyes at Han and Leia
  • Take a drink whenever a character repeats a line someone else said
  • Take a sip for every quip between Han and Leia
  • Take a drink when chewie yells
  • Drink continuously when Luke talks to himself
  • Take a drink when C3PO is told to shut up or gets shut down
  • Take a drink whenever Yoda is being wise
  • Take a drink whenever Yoda makes you giggle
  • Take 3 shots when you hear “I am your father.” Now, contemplate your life.
  • Take a drink when a tauntaun is on screen.
  • Take a shot when the tauntaun dies/pour one out for your homie
  • Take a drink if the Millennium Falcon maneuvers make you motion sick
  • Take a shot if you’re caught quoting dialogue during a scene
  • Take a shot when R2D2 screams

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