WHOA E15: Little Buddha and Gotta Give


This week on WHOA: A Most EXCELLENT Keanu Reeves podcast we watched “Little Buddha” from 1993. And “Something’s Gotta Give” from 2003.  It’s the episode where Keanu Reeves finds his way to enlightenment as Buddha and then finds his way into Diane Keaton’s pants.

Spoiler Alert

We are discussing the movies in their entirety. So if you want to know if Siddhartha finds serenity by following the middle way, or if Dr. Mercer finds a way to win the heart of his older lady love, you should probably watch the movies before we spoil it for you here.

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Episode 15 Features

“Little Buddha” from 1993. Keanu is glowing, golden and mysterious as Siddhartha, a young prince who discovers a larger world outside of his own and endeavors to find out the truth about life and suffering. Also happening in this movie is the quest for the reincarnated mind, body and soul of Lama Dorje. I think it’s an interesting movie and certainly worth at least a rental. Stream it on Amazon HERE.

We do get a bit sidetracked with talk of Mascots… check out Christopher Guest’s “Mascots” HERE.

We also chat a bit about why in the heck Bridgette Fonda’s face is so well represented on the poster… so here you go.Little Buddha

In Episode 15 we also cover…

“Something’s Gotta Give” from 2003. Keanu is a young and handsome doctor who falls in love with an older woman and endeavors to make their relationship work. Also happening in this movie is Jack Nicholoson struggling to make amends with his appetite for younger women and Diane Keaton struggling to get over her love for Jack Nicholson. I recommend this movie only if you’re really into the genre. Then again… if you’re already into chick flicks, you’ve probably already seen it. Just to be safe, you can stream it on Amazon HERE.

Meet The Guest


Jose drawing by Woody Fu
Jose Gonzalez teaches and performs longform improv comedy in Phoenix at The Torch Theatre and has traveled across North America and parts of Europe as a teacher & performer. He dabbles in standup, co-hosts the music-inspired storytelling show Vinyl Voices (every last Tuesday of the month at The Coronado), and used to produce & host the short-lived web video panel show Youtubery.Xyz. When Mr. Gonzalez isn’t out & about, he’s hanging out with his lovely wife Nina Miller and their two amazing cats. Jose is on Twitter (@jose602) but not as often as he used to be.

Find Jose at the Torch Theatre HERE and check out the Phoenix Improv Festival HERE.

Whats Up Next?

Coming up next on WHOA we have Episode 16: Speed and Revolutions comin at ya on December 28th! In “Speed” from 1994, Keanu is Jack Traven, a man not obligated to obey the laws of physics in any way. In “Matrix Revolutions,” from 2003 Keanu is still Neo, and I guess he is a man also not obligated to obey the laws of physics either.

AND look for a Very Keanu New Year episode comin at ya on January 11th, in which we will discuss what we have learned about our hero so far.


Your bonus Keanu for the day! This week, get excited for the next episode with some facts you didn’t know about Speed…


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