Educating [Geeks] S3 E15 – Doctor Who Series 1

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Doctor Who reboot (2005), four huge fans (Alice, Andrea, Devon and Sara) sat down with to find out how newbie Diana felt about the series. The group talks about the relationship between The Doctor and Rose, fan theories, their hate of the Slitheen and everyone waits with bated breath to hear if Diana liked the show.

*SPOILER ALERT* — We do talk about series one in great detail but do a pretty good job not spoiling anything else. If you need to brush up on the series or see it for the first time you can do so at Amazon via purchase (Doctor Who series 1 DVD Set) or streaming (Amazon Instant Video).

Photographs by Devon Christopher Adams

Photographs by Devon Christopher Adams


Our Doctor Who celebration continues next week with Geek [Supplies] on Wednesday, October 7th and our drinking game rules will post on Friday, October 9th. Fantastic!

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  • Jenny Griffith

    A couple of years ago I tried to watch the first episode of the reboot and was pretty meh about it. This year I gave it another go and really felt like series one was something to “get through”. Everyone said it got better after that. (I’ll come back to this…) They were right. I was really drawn in, did some serious binge watching (sorry, Diana, it’s inevitable) and am now caught up so I can view current episodes. I’ve even been watching the original Doctor Who and have really enjoyed the insight they give me to the newer episodes.
    About two days ago, I mentioned to my husband that I was considering a re-watch of the reboot. Since he’s not into Doctor Who, he couldn’t understand why I would want to. This podcast pretty much sums up why. I felt like I had to “get through” the Eccelston Doctor in order to figure out what people saw in Doctor Who. Now that I’m a fan, I really feel like I would get so much more out of the first few series, especially the Eccelston time period, because my perspective has changed. Thanks for a great podcast to help solidify my intent to re-watch!

    • Alice Baker

      Let us know if you do that re-watch. We’ll be interested hear what you have to say. Thanks for the comment.

    • DLov3Ly

      Haha! Jenny, that is awesome to hear 🙂 I did start watching it with David Tennant, and enjoyed the first few episodes. My binge watching is on hold at the moment. But I, like you, am also glad that I held out and started with Eccelston. He was really great as the Doctor. I’m really happy that you enjoyed our podcast and appreciate your awesome feedback!!