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Upcoming Podcasts Through September

It’s been two (three?) weeks since Phoenix Comicon ended. We have mixed feelings. We’re sad such a great experience had to end, but we’re looking forward to participating again next year! We’re also looking forward to presenting the great content we have planned through September 2014.

If you are new to these topics, we encourage you to experience them before listening to the podcast. The hosts will be talking about the subject matter in depth so spoilers are expected. Just be aware. We also hope you will connect with us on social media and share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear from you!

A Phoenix Comicon Thank You

Well, it’s over. It went so much faster than we ever thought possible. This was the second year Educating [Geeks] had a presence at Phoenix Comicon. We were excited about the possibility of meeting a few of you, but we didn’t anticipate meeting hundreds of you! We presented 6 panels this year, and at every single one, there were butts. in. seats. And not only that, you brought your A-game. You asked amazing questions, provided wonderful insight and input, brought along some incredible drinking game rules and squeed so loud our ears were ringing for hours. Well done. You made our con experience simply amazing. We hope yours was as well!

CONNNNNN: The Recordings!


(One of these days, I will be able to title one of my posts to include “The Musical!”)

First off, we cannot say it enough – thank you, thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed Phoenix Comicon with us this year! We loved meeting all our new friends and seeing our old ones. I had the pleasure of participating or attending each and every panel we presented this year.

As you have read, four of our six panels were live podcast recordings. Until each of these are posted over the next month or so, we wanted to give you a review of the treat in store for you.

SQUEEFEST 2014: And the winner is…

NOT Chris Evans. Psych! But he is one of the amazingly hot men we ogled. Keep reading to learn the winner….

Thank you to everyone who came to SQUEEFEST 2014. Friday night at Phoenix Comicon was a ruckus good time!

So It Begins…

Phoenix Comicon Starts Tomorrow!

Four days of amazing panels, cosplayers, events, parties and hanging with your tribe — which ever tribe of geek that may be. We can’t wait to see you!  We have compiled all of our tips from the posts for your printable convenience; we’ve included files for Tips – For Kids!, General Con Tips, and Bri’s Tips for Foodies.