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Denver Comic Con – Spotlight on Nichelle Nichols

I spotted a friend waiting in line for Nichelle Nichols’ spotlight event. She said that Nichols was one of the last original Star Trek cast she had yet to see live. I don’t recall how many of them I have seen: all I can say for sure is George Takei at the 2013 Denver Comic Con. Maybe James Doohan a long, long time ago?

(I’m pretty sure I paid close attention to the moderator when he started things off, but I missed getting his name. Apologies, my friend.)

Denver Comic Con – Spotlight on Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk took the stage to loud and enthusiastic applause. He thanked the audience, pointed out that he was the first main event guest of the con, and admitted “I’m overwhelmed.” Moderator Clare Kramer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bring It On) invited Tudyk to sit in front of, rather than behind, the table that had been set up for them, making things more friendly and informal.

Tudyk began with a quick recap of his project Con Man and its monumentally successful Indiegogo campaign (735 percent of goal met!). He told us that, pre-Firefly, he was acquainted with “just the basics” of the sci-fi genre, e.g., the Star Wars films, Star Trek: The New Generation. But post-Firefly, he’s learned so much more about fandom, how unique it is, and how encouraging and supportive we are of each other. What he wants to do with Con Man, besides entertain, is to share and celebrate fandom.

Denver Comic Con – Spotlight on Sean Astin

If you can believe it, I have seen exactly none of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies. So after moderator Ron Bostwick (associated with the Boulder International Film Festival) announced Sean Astin to the stage, I could only think, “Hey, that’s the son of Patty Duke and Gomez!”

I know, that dates me terribly.

Astin recounted the moment when he learned he got the role of Samwise Gamgee: “The phone turned red hot, I dropped to my knees, and thanked God.” But, aware of the director’s early films (e.g., Bad Taste, Dead Alive), he was a bit unsure about Peter Jackson: “This guy. Tolkien. How’s it going to look?” Well, it’s clear he didn’t need to fear anything about the outcome. He went on to say that there was no way to prepare for Lord of the Rings, neither in its breadth of production nor the worldwide acclaim that ensued.

Denver Comic Con – Spotlight on Howard Chaykin

I arrived at Howard Chaykin’s solo panel a bit late. Glancing about, I estimated slightly more than a dozen people attending. It surprised me that Chaykin spoke from the floor, using a media cart as a makeshift podium for his cup of water. Emboldened from doing so at other panels, I slipped into the second row of seats.

Right in firing range. No, he didn’t excoriate me. But…

Denver Comic Con – Spotlight on Jewel Staite

Instead of a (high-level) convention staff person moderating media star events, Denver Comic Con featured guests interviewing guests. For Jewel Staite, we had Star Trek: Voyager’s Garrett Wang manage the proceedings.