E[G] Drinking Game S2 E18 – Barbarella


This week on the Educating [Geeks] Drinking Game hosts Alice, Andrea, Bri and Sara create drinking game rules for Barbarella.

If you haven’t already, make sure to listen to our podcast covering Barbarella and our Geek Supplies for the film as well.

The Rules:

Take a drink:

  • When there’s a costume change and you think “what the hell are they wearing?!”
  • Every time Barbarella has a sexual reaction, but waterfall through the Orgasmatron
  • Every time you think a costume inspired someone’s fetish
  • Of water every time you see a nipple. Any nipple. You know, for hydration purposes.
  • During the “moving music”
  • Every time someone dies
  • When there’s confusion about what kind of sex people will be having

Take a shot:

  • When Jane Fonda has a costume change
  • When you see ALL THAT CHEST HAIR
  • When they take the pills
  • Do a Jello-shot for the Mathmos/ooze thing

Waterfall your drink:

  • When the Angel is in the sky
  • Any time Marcell Marceu speaks.

Make someone else:

  • Drink when they point out something phallic, boob-like, or sexual in nature
  • Take a shot every time they point out ho gorgeous Jane Fonda is
  • Take a shot when they giggle at something juvenile


Signature Alcohol:

Red Wine

Signature Cocktail:

Layer Campari, Orchid liqueur, and Baileys for a twist on the classic “Orgasm” shot.

Jell-o Shots (or Jell-o Jigglers in the shape of boobs)



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