All The [Trek] E23 – TOS “Obsession” & “Wolf in the Fold”

This week on All The [Trek] Bri reviews “Obsession” and “Wolf in the Fold” from Star Trek:The Original Series.

Episode 42: Obsession

Released Dec. 15, 1967

Bri’s Overall Rating (5/5)

Overall - 5 out of 5



Aliens (2/5)

Aliens - 2 out of 5



Smoke cloud. Interesting, but somehow boring at the same time.


Costumes (0/5)




Fight Choreography ([0/5)

Fight - 0 out of 5



Bechdel Test (2/3)

Bechdel - 2 out of 3



Ultra has lines and nurse chapel gets more stuff to do. But the ladies still can’t find some time to have a talk.

Episode 43:Wolf in the Fold

Released Dec. 22, 1967

Bri’s Overall Rating (3/5)

Overall - 3 out of 5



Aliens (2/5)

Aliens - 2 out of 5



I like the non-physical aliens, but I like seeing at least something

Costumes (4/5)

Costumes - 4 out of 5



But only when they are down on the planet. I think it is funny how all the women are in red to add to the boom chicka boom boom feel.



Fight Choreography (2/5)

Fight - 2 out of 5



For the scuffle in the conference room.

Bechdel Test (2/3)

Bechdel - 2 out of 3



There are a lot of women in this episode. Most of them are murdered and they never get to discuss the events together.

Bonus Sexism: The entire opening. Good thing Scotty doesn’t resent all women because one made a mistake. Also, women are targeted because they’re more emotional. And pleasure worlds are always seemingly for men…..

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