All The [Trek] E25 – TOS “A Piece of the Action” & “The Immunity Syndrome”

This week on All The [Trek], Bri reviews “A Piece of the Action” and “The Immunity Syndrome” from Star Trek: The Original Series.

Episode 46: A Piece of the Action

Released Jan. 12th, 1968


Bri’s Overall Rating (4/5)

Overall - 4 out of 5




Aliens (0/5)

Aliens - 0 out of 5

As hilarious and entertaining as I find this episode, 1940s gangsters don’t count as aliens.


Costumes (4/5)

Costumes - 4 out of 5



I love pin-strips. Don’t judge me.



Fight Choreography (1/5)

Fight - 1 out of 5



A few scuffles but nothing to write home about.


Bechdel Test (2/5)

Bechdel - 2 out of 3



Blah, blah blah. You know the drill


Episode 47: The Immunity Syndrome

Released Jan. 19th, 1968


Bri’s Overall Rating (2/5)

Overall - 2 out of 5




Aliens (4/5)

Aliens - 4 out of 5

The Enterprise has literally flown into a giant amoeba. That’s actually  pretty cool!



Costumes (0/5)





Fight Choreography (0/5)

Fight - 0 out of 5




Bechdel Test (2/5)

Bechdel - 2 out of 3





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